The Empowered Choices of an MBA Ambassador

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Student Insight: Kelly Lorton reflects on the decisions that led her to the Belk College MBA

Life is full of choices. In today’s society, we are exposed to an insurmountable amount of information, and it can be a daunting responsibility to ultimately determine which choices to make. We are invariably faced with competing priorities, personal setbacks and contradictive advice. It is all too easy to get sucked into the vast, spiraling cycle of overwhelming stress and experience an occasional lack of direction or perceived purpose in life. But while we can’t change the past or control the future, we can choose how we react to things and choose how we want to change our lives moving forward.

I am choosing to be intentional about my personal development and career growth by pursuing my MBA and surrounding myself with driven students and intelligent, passionate professors. I am choosing to set aside the fear of failure and actively step out of my comfort zone and tackle new challenges. My family has always reinforced the philosophy that life is not about taking the easiest path, but rather it is about taking the path filled with meaningful experiences and new opportunities – and that is exactly what I have found at UNC Charlotte.

It can be difficult at times to balance the demands of busy work and academic schedules, however, if you are willing to put in the effort it is very manageable. Belk College of Business provides the resources that students need to succeed in both the classroom and the business world, while connecting students to a network of over 31,000 alumni. I am continually impressed by the culture at UNC Charlotte and motivated by the students around me.

MBA Ambassador, Kelly Lorton, delivers remarks during the Belk College of Business Alumni Awards

MBA Ambassador, Kelly Lorton, with Distinguished Alumni Award winner, Jill Tietjen '79 MBA and Dean Ott

The Belk College MBA has empowered me to make choices that align with my personal and professional goals by cultivating the foundation I built in my undergraduate courses and enhancing my corporate work experience. I have improved my business acumen and learned how to approach situations from different perspectives by digging deeper and asking the right questions. I love how frequently I am able to take topics that we are studying in the classroom and directly relate them to my job as a Business Initiatives Consultant in the corporate finance world. I am gaining valuable skills every week that are making me a better employee and a more valuable team member.

Deciding to pursue my MBA was absolutely the right choice for me. What choices will you make today?

Kelly lorton, MBA Ambassador

Kelly Lorton, student in the Belk College MBA, serves as a Student Ambassador for her graduate program.  Learn more about Kelly in her Faces of Belk College profile or connect with her via email or LinkedIn