Course Planning

General Information for all MBA students

Refer to the Program Sheet enclosed with your admission letter to determine what courses are required for you. 

After completion of at least nine hours of core classes, you should begin to take electives along with the remainder of your required core classes. Please pay close attention to the prerequisites for the elective courses so that you can structure your course schedule accordingly. Refer to the course descriptions for each course’s prerequisite requirements.

NOTE: A concentration is not required to earn an MBA degree. You may take four electives and earn a general MBA.

During registration, some classes will fill up early. Generally closed class permits are issued only in the student’s last semester when the class is required for graduation - there are no other available options. If your schedule is not flexible, register early!

Due to the flexibility of the program, please understand that at times you will have to adjust your plans according to what classes may be available. Core courses will be offered in fall and spring semesters. Elective courses will rotate throughout the year. Please note that course offerings and schedules are subject to change.