MBA PLUS Certificate

What is the Charlotte MBA PLUS Program?

The MBA PLUS post-master’s graduate certificate program provides an opportunity for graduates of AACSB-accredited MBA programs to broaden and update their business education. As business conditions, tools, and techniques are rapidly evolving, the MBA PLUS program provides an excellent opportunity for business professionals who already possess an MBA to engage in active learning in order to stay at the forefront of business trends and acumen.

Admissions and Program Structure

The MBA PLUS Graduate Certificate may be completed through at least twelve credit hours of advanced graduate-level courses (equivalent of four courses). Students are permitted to take more than the minimum number of hours. At least nine credit hours must be MBA elective courses. One three-hour course may be a repeat of a course previously taken during one's MBA program - this may be desirable in cases where there has been a substantial change in content and business trends in an area of interest since the professional received their MBA degree. More courses may be repeated if desired, but only one such course will count toward the certificate.

Admission criteria and information about program structure can be found in the Graduate Catalog. Please see the information at the link below:

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