MBA Ambassador

Belk College Graduate Student Ambassadors enjoy interacting with potential new students — like you!— and can help answer questions about the program.

Please reach out directly to the Ambassadors if there is anything you would like to learn about the MBA program at UNC Charlotte from a current student's perspective.

2023 MBA AmbassadorS

Matthew Hillman

Meet Matthew Hillman

Program (Full-Time, Part-Time): Part-Time

Concentration/Area of Emphasis: Student Structured

Current Employer: VS America

Position: Project Coordinator in Inside Sales

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2023

Previous Institutions and Degrees:

  • Undergraduate: Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Michigan), B.A. in History and Philosophy
  • Graduate: University of Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany), M.A. in Medieval European History

Favorite Place in Charlotte: OMB

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Dream Job: Business Owner

John Reeves

Meet John Reeves

Program (Full-Time, Part-Time): Part-Time

Concentration/Area of Emphasis: Student Structured

Current Employer: City of Charlotte

Position: Lead Business Analyst, Supervisor

Anticipated Graduation: Summer 2023

Previous Institutions and Degrees:

  • Undergraduate: The Citadel, B.S. Business Administration

Favorite Place in Charlotte: Barcelona Wine Bar

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Dream Job: Business Professor

The Advantages of an MBA from the Perspective of a Recent Graduate

Matthew Hillman, MBA Ambassador and recent graduate, reflects on how the program has transformed his life and empowered him to compete in a fiercely competitive business landscape.


One of the most notable benefits of an MBA is that it equips students with a well-rounded repertoire of abilities and expertise. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects including finance, marketing, operations, strategy and leadership. This holistic approach helps students develop a deep understanding of various business functions and fosters the ability to analyze complex situations from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, the program places a strong emphasis on fostering critical thinking, honing problem-solving abilities and nurturing effective communication skills, all of which are indispensable in navigating the rapid-pace and evolving business landscape. Through the refinement of these proficiencies, MBA students become adept at making informed decisions, driving innovation and navigating organizational challenges.


Networking at Queen Park SocialNetworking is a cornerstone of any successful MBA program, and my experience has been no exception. The program offers numerous networking events, such as a memorable gathering at Queen Park Social last semester. In this laid-back atmosphere, MBA students mingled, unveiled a tapestry of diverse educational backgrounds, shared insights, fostered personal growth and collectively charted their path to success. These events serve as a fertile ground for forging meaningful connections, sparking dynamic idea exchanges, and unearthing potential career prospects. Engaging with a diverse cohort of talented individuals from different industries and backgrounds has not only expanded my professional network but has also enriched my perspective on various business domains.


The program goes beyond mere instruction by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, igniting a dynamic synergy among students through group projects and thought-provoking case discussions. Working closely with classmates on challenging assignments and group projects has enabled me to harness the collective intelligence of the team. These collaborative experiences have enhanced my ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams, leveraging diverse skill sets and perspectives to drive innovative solutions.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Lyon, FranceOne of the standout moments in my MBA journey was the faculty-led two-week study abroad program. I had the opportunity to join twenty fellow MBA students in the captivating city of Lyon, France, where we delved into the fusion of business and culture in an invigorating international environment. These immersive experiences provided an unparalleled opportunity to explore international business environments, understand cultural nuances and broaden my global perspective.

The study abroad programs combine traditional classroom learning with visits to local companies and interactions with business leaders. This unique blend of academic rigor and experiential learning deepened my understanding of global markets, international business practices and emerging trends. It also allowed me to establish valuable connections with international professionals, expanding my network on a global scale. The study abroad programs not only enriched my academic experience but also equipped me with a global mindset, a vital asset in today's interconnected business world.


Matthew Hillman GraduationUndoubtedly, one of the most significant outcomes of completing an MBA program is the potential for career advancement and increased earning potential. The knowledge, skills, and network cultivated through the program open doors to new opportunities and position graduates for success in their chosen fields.

Obtaining the MBA from the Belk College of Business has had a direct impact on my career trajectory. Equipped with the specialized knowledge and expertise gained from the program, I was able to secure a new job that not only aligns with my aspirations but also offers a higher salary. The MBA credential carries weight in the job market, signaling to employers that I possess the requisite skills and qualifications to make a significant contribution to their organizations. This tangible career advancement and financial growth are testaments to the value of an MBA and its ability to provide a strong return on investment.