Robert Labadorf

Current Employer: Electrolux

Position: Supply Chain Manager

Favorite Place in Charlotte: Bank of America Stadium

Hometown: Wilbraham, MA

Undergrad institution and degree: Georgia Tech; B.S. in Industrial Engineering

Dream Job: Senior managerment role in operations, supply chain, and/or analytics

Master of Business Administration
Why an MBA?

I pursued my MBA because it has always been a personal goal of mine. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and believe that an MBA will “round me out” and make me both more marketable and valuable to the companies that I may work for in the future.

Why UNC Charlotte?

I looked at two MBA programs- Wake Forest and UNC Charlotte.  Because I am a full-time employee, husband, and father of two children I chose the UNC Charlotte program because of the value and flexibility it offered to complete the program based on my schedule.

Current Position

I work for Electrolux in their North American headquarters near the main UNC Charlotte campus. I am currently the Supply Chain Manager for the company’s aftermarket parts, accessories, and consumables business. 

Outside of Work and School

When not working or studying, I spend time with my family, which involves attending many of my kids’ soccer and volleyball games.  My family has been extremely supportive of my educational aspirations which makes it easier to be away from them multiple nights per week and on the weekends when I have to study.  When I can, I also enjoy cycling and the outdoors.

Best Experiences

My experience in the program has been great so far. My professors are content experts and also bring real-world experience that I’m able to apply at work. I have also really enjoyed the interaction with my fellow students and developing new relationships. 

An Opportunity for Growth

The faculty and staff are great.  They are extremely friendly and want to see you succeed. They go out of their way to support you. The programs are very flexible, which allows you the opportunity to fit your education in with the rest of your life. The student base is both professional and diverse, two qualities that I value highly in a business environment. The classes are both challenging and rewarding. You have to work hard, but the learning opportunities are plentiful and will payoff upon graduation.


Robert Labadorf, MBA graduate says the Belk College of Business programs are "very flexible, which allows you the opportunity to fit your education in with the rest of your life."