Restaurant Owner Finds Right Mix in the Belk College MBA Program

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Jamie Rivenbark explains how getting his MBA from UNC Charlotte is helping him grow his business.

He's all about his business, and the UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business MBA program is helping him build one to last. Jamie Rivenbark ’05 ’20 is applying what he learns in the classroom to his journey through entrepreneurship.



Rivenbark is the restaurant owner of The Office, a sports bar he has owned since 2018 in Indian Land, South Carolina. After graduating from UNC Charlotte with his bachelor’s degree, Jamie worked in financial advising for some years and had the opportunity to purchase a restaurant. That endeavor was a lesson that led him to further businesses and to pursue entrepreneurship full time.

Food at The Office

Customers enjoy lunch at The Office in Indian Land, South Carolina

Rivenbark in The Office

Jamie Rivenbark reviews incoming orders

Rivenbark said the MBA program at UNC Charlotte has been invaluable - especially to develop a well-rounded business acumen for operations, ethics, marketing and all of the aspects required for business. “My courses have helped me to plan my businesses. In my ethics class, I’m writing information that will be part of my employee handbook. In my financial classes, I’m learning how to scale my businesses. And the program is helping to build my network, which can never be too big,” he said.